A smart office for a dynamic office

Un ufficio smart per un business dinamico

Your work has never been so dynamic, correct? The communication channels with clients have been becoming always faster, projects move to an international level. You need more flexibility to manage activities that always evolve, close deadlines and changes of requests. Fortunately, you can use technological tools to support your work!

Also environments are living the influence of this dynamism. Today the same idea of workplace is not so restricting. And, in fact, this favor bothcollaboration and productivity.

While walking through an office, it is common to see two colleagues working on the same projects from the same side of the desk. And, the work of many people goes on even during the coffee break, answering with the smartphone to the clients’ requests, while sitting in the relax room.

The advantages of a smart approach in your business are clear, but does your environment favor this working method?

The first aspect you have to consider is the possibility to work easily. People often move from an office to another to exchange information or show some material. Sometimes, they must just take some notes! Using a tablet or a mobile device they could need to be connected to a power outlet. However, in many offices the plugs are hidden under the desks and hard to be reached.

You can ease the collaboration and the activity that require the use of technological tools with the smart furniture. For example, you can choose desks and meeting tables completed with tools for electrification and connection! Here’s some advantages:

– more comfort

– a technological solution integrated with the furniture design

– environments ordered with the organization of wirings

Also the relax rooms can benefit from a smart furniture. Some solutions, like seats in which you can use electronic devices, thanks to an innovative design, will offer to your team comforts and operating incentives at the same time. Used in waiting rooms will be a caress for your guests!

A space dedicated to concentration and energy recovery is always more necessary in a modern office. In a silent and carefully designed space you can regenerate and refresh that positive thinking that will permit you to reach your goals.

The place where you will find out the smart office

Our experience is at your service to realize smart environments that can favor your business. Visit us at Centro Meridiana in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) until April 30th! Otherwise, contact us to discover how to transform your offices in order to facilitate your smart work.

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