Design pills: the reception

Pillole: La Receprion DAM Arredo Ufficio Bologna

The reception area represents the first contact with the client, a business card capable of transferring company values.

For this reason the furniture must be carefully studied to create an efficient workstation, which reflects the style that characterizes the activity carried out by the company and allows the user to work to its fullest potential.

What needs should be considered to better design an acceptance space?

This area should be ordered, intuitive and clear, starting from the main furniture that must be immediately identifiable by the public that benefits from it: the counter. You must be well aware of the needs: will you have to accept one or more computers? The telephone exchange? The videos of the closed circuit system? Will it have a closet dedicated to the storage of incoming or outgoing parcels and other materials in stock?
In addition, the staff seated behind the counter must have direct visual contact with the clientele and a clear view of the entrance, but at the same time the workstation must remain protected in the public eye.

Responding to some of these questions you can already begin to outline the best furniture, taking into account the electrification and respecting the space available and flows of passage.

It may also be useful to provide a waiting area especially for visitors who are waiting to be received.

But for this we will give you more details in the next “pill”.

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