Four rules to feel good in the office

Quattro regole per stare bene in ufficio

Designing working spaces that help people to stay in shape during their working hours is always more important. Movement and physical activity are the assumptions to keep in form, but this is not enough to fight consequent inactivity and disturbs. Some examples: obesity, circulatory problems and backache. The ergonomic furniture can provide a fundamental support for this. 

  1. Quantity: avoid long static posture and instead take breaks during the day to stand up, breath fresh air and distress properly.
  2. Quality: maintain an active posture while sitting properly and do not stress your back. A good ergonomic seat should guarantee the maximum comfort to the user, while encouraging the micro movements of the pelvis and correctly supporting the spine. THE SEAT LIRA thanks to its regulations and its material becomes therefore essential for a comfort office.  
  3. Use brackets right for your body: while choosing the best furniture for your office you will spare time while adjusting the height of the seat or reducing the desk. The DESK HIKE combines the features of the traditional T desks to the practice of the motorized actuators that permit the regulation in hight and avoid annoying disorders link to a wrong posture. 
  4. Dynamic Meetings: offices and common areas with high tables and tools bring to new meetings. Taking a break from your desk activates the blood flow and help the develop of new ideas. The Table DAMA with a high steel base and top access, equipped with plugs is the perfect furniture to achieve this proposal. 

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