How to choose your office chair

Come scegliere la tua sedia da ufficio

Are you looking for a seat that can give you comfort during the hours behind the desk? Perhaps you want a model that fits your interior design and emphasizes the importance of your role. In this article you will discover how to choose your office chair by combining functionality and design!

Comfort first

What are the effects of an uncomfortable seat? Wrong position, joint and bone pain, bad mood, poor productivity. Your first goal in choosing an office chair should be finding a comfortable solution. Be sure to opt for a model that correctly supports your back and limbs! Therefore a seat with adjustable armrests and quality padding. Height and inclination must be adaptable to meet your operational needs. Even the revolving base and wheels are very useful because they allow you to move and reach the objects you need without getting up.

The eye wants its part

The chair is an integral part of the office and must adapt to the furnishings. Even if your taste is decisive in your choice, some simple guidelines can help you make the best decision. Large seats in leather or eco-leather are perfect for classic executive contexts, characterized by antique solid wood furniture and important lines.

Modern offices appreciate designer chairs with mesh inserts. These models, sometimes colored, play with contrasts of fabric and metal that give them a minimal style. Their notable advantage is the breathable and fresh feeling that they transmit especially in summer.

Complete the environment

Once you have chosen your office chair, you can complete the environment with a couple of seats for guests or clients. Choose a model that shares the main elements with the directional variant, such as color and materials. In this case it is preferable to use a fixed structure, perhaps a cantilever to lighten the visual perception of the space occupied by the chairs.

Now that you’ve discovered how to choose your office chair, it’s time to take action. The CASSIOPEA executive seat and GAIA assembly chair are perfect for giving style and functionality to your spaces. And they are both ready for delivery!

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