Informal and flexible: the office of the future will be so

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Productivity is closely linked to the psychophysical well-being of those who live in the workplace at the company. In the previous article we talked about the role of furniture in the perception of the environment around us. Today we project our gaze towards the office of the future, the result of trends in interior design and the continuous evolution of our way of working and living.

Informality as a stimulus

In order to review the environments to promote the well-being of the people who use it, the need to conceive a new way of living the office must be considered. If spaces dedicated to relaxation and leisure are to be inserted, those devoted to work must not counteract the positive effects obtained.

The obstacle to be overcome, as often happens, is the preconception. Are resources less productive if they have more freedom? Because in fact a different way of living the office, where one is not always sitting “composed” behind the desk, gives a certain degree of freedom.

In reality, the idea is precisely to guarantee people an operation that leaves room for physical, emotional and psychological well-being. So chairs and furnishings with an informal character, far from the typical chair-desk configuration, allow you to perceive work in a healthier way and to be more result oriented.

Flexibility as a tool

That people live in the office in a more informal way is logical and functional to the increasingly felt need to communicate and share information and activities between the various departments of a working body. The idea of ​​a fixed location is therefore always less practicable. While work moves from the concept of hourly operation to focusing on the objectives to be achieved, resources collaborate and interact differently from the past.

Teams play a very important role in the company’s success because they are the ones that complete the projects. Their members need to work together without obstacles, confronting and solving problems thanks to the union of the skills and professionalism of individuals.

Furniture must support this new way of working. The mobility of resources must correspond to the use of supports such as tables and lockers that are equally flexible and easy to move. There are solutions like plans that recall the industrial carts reworked in a modern key to effectively place themselves in an office. The same seats, easy to move and perfect to adapt to different environments, are moving from the classic operating model to design revisions that facilitate a relaxed and informal posture.

The office of the future is based on large spaces where teams can easily compare, open spaces from spacious desks that stimulate a dynamic operation. Environments of this type recall the concept of coworking and do not exclude the possibility for a company to offer this service as an additional source of income.

The affirmation of the flexible working hours, of the smart working and of the project approach to the activities imposes the exit from the typical scheme of the station in favor of a very stimulating freedom. The right furnishings, with their flexibility and modularity, are the tool through which this transition can be fostered.

We are witnessing great changes in the world of work. It’s time to review your environments and improve resource productivity!

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