Offices and happiness: the role of furniture

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Is it possible to feel good in the office where we work, as well as at home? The close link between the satisfaction of a resource and its productivity is not new. Visionaries such as Adriano Olivetti, who in the last century already applied an innovative approach, have demonstrated the potential of a business that puts employee satisfaction first.

It is no coincidence that today the role of the Chief Happiness Officer is increasingly in demand. It is necessary for someone to deal exclusively with the needs and desires of resources to keep a company competitive.

How can you improve the happiness and comfort of those working in your reality? 

Furniture for people

In the office we spend about a third of our day. To be precise, we sit behind a desk to perform our tasks. We often have to work on the computer, answer the phone, organize documents, etc. And then we also need to work with others.

The contemporary office is dynamic. People move from one environment to another, work in groups, exchange places. It is necessary that they can do it in the most convenient way, that they have the tools to be productive in this new way of living spaces.

And, even when they work according to the “classic method”, their comfort is very important. You can guarantee it by choosing quality seats, made especially for those who have to sit for many hours. And you can use furnishings such as modular desks to facilitate organization and access to documents. When you have to furnish an office or change furniture, always think about who will live it every day. Ask yourself how you can put the comfort of your resources first. 

Environments for recreation 

When your employees pause, make sure it’s a break. Quickly drink a coffee in the room next to the open space, where you can hear people running from side to side and talking loudly, it’s not a break. 

Detaching means being able to isolate yourself completely, regain your strength and restore your mind. There is no room for work during the break. On the contrary, if possible there should be distractions. It is no coincidence that gaming rooms, libraries and gyms are increasingly common in modern companies.

Even the area used for canteen or relaxation can be designed to be really relaxing and comfortable. Make sure there are enough chairs and tables to accommodate people who are on break. And how are the furnishings? A little color can brighten up the environment and convey a positive feeling.

Do you want to improve comfort and operation in your environments? Contact us to find the perfect solutions to create offices where style meets practicality!

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