The bookcase: a dynamic element at the center of your spaces

La libreria: un elemento dinamico al centro dei tuoi spazi

What is the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when thinking of an office? The desk, maybe. Or an important executive chair! But even the bookcase can play a major role in your work spaces. Thanks to the many possible configurations, it can respond to your operational needs and help you make the environment more usable!

Archiving and management of documents

Libraries are mainly used to contain volumes and documents. You can take advantage of its storage potential, deriving from multi-storey structures; prepared for dox collectors. If you want to show your collection ofbooks or prefer to have the material always at hand, you can opt for the open configuration or for the glass doors.

Accessories to increase usability

You can customize your library to perfectly meet your needs. For example, you can use metal tops with pull-out frames to store hanging folders. You can also insert a hanger accessory to keep your office tidy and have a small wardrobe that is not visible! To make working days more comfortable, you can add a mini-bar in a dedicated space.

Customized customization 

Now that you have discovered all the advantages of a library, surely you want to put it in your office! But you need quality furniture, with a wide range of customizations to adapt to the environment and your taste. The DAM melamine bookcases offer you an incredible amount of options: finishes in natural or neutral colors, doors and structures of various sizes, and indispensable materials. You can compose your furniture in the way you prefer with the support of our team, to create the perfect product for you!
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